Hi, I’m Sarah.

Thank you for stopping by!


I’m hoping you’re here because you care about reducing your impact on this planet.

My purpose for this blog is to show that whatever you label it, taking active steps towards reducing pollution and waste isn’t as daunting as it can seem.

It also has many side benefits including healthier eating, reducing your exposure to industrial chemical, simplifying your life, feeling good about yourself, and possibly even saving you money along the way!

Here’s a bit about me;

I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics in 2012. I first developed an interest in food and nutrition during high school home economics class, and before that, I was the strange child that was disappointed about being taken for fast food with our family! Nutrition is my first love.

In late 2015, I read an article someone posted on social media, featuring a ‘zero waster’ who produced a small mason jar of waste in 3 years. This really captured my interest, and had me asking questions for weeks, I realised there was more than just one of these ‘zero wasters’- I had stumbled upon a revolution, people everywhere reducing their waste dramatically.

I started reading books and blogs and watching documentaries and what I discovered left me with no choice but to act. I had previously thought plastic was only really a problem for the occasional seabird or turtle that got tangled in plastic, or maybe, if I’m honest with myself, I just hadn’t given it much thought at all.

But the more I read and watched and listened, the more I realised that the impacts of our consumption are serious, complicated and broad reaching and that plastic was much more invasive than I imagined- entering ecosystems and even human tissue. Plastic wasn’t the  only problem either, I was living in a broken system of waste management, and I’d just been blindly accepting it without much thought!

In 2016, my husband and I made reducing our waste sent to landfill our ‘New Year’s resolution’, and started to make other changes to our lifestyle, consciously considering sustainability for the first time (neither of us were environmentalists by any stretch of the imagination, though I think I’ve always had a hidden ‘hippie’ side).

I have found a new love, and I am delighted to find it fits in perfectly with nutrition and healthy living.

Here, I share about my two loves. Some recipes, some on reducing waste, some on minimalism. I’ve still got a long way to go, but I hope that through this blog I can encourage you in what you can do and are doing already, so we can all leave our planet a better place for the next generation (including our first child on the way!).

Happy Reading,



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